About Prad

Building with Emotion

In 2005, we embarked on a journey to provide efficient living options that entailed the coming together of innovative construction techniques and modern practices. Staying true to our beliefs and after more than a decade of sheer hard-work, we've ended up with residential projects that define precisely
who we are – Real Estate Builders in Pune whose every fibre exudes a passion for innovative real estate development.

At PRAD, we believe that passion and emotion are the most instrumental factors in realising a dream. For us, when a path is guided by it, the result is always remarkable. If there is passion, no hurdle is too big, no obstacle is unnerving, and no wall is too high to climb.

The name PRAD is derived from an old Australian term that stands for a horse and fittingly encapsulates the essence of the company. It is a symbol of competitive spirit, one that strives for victory and exhibits qualities of being strong and determined.


We aim to become a global player in the construction sector by harmonizing innovative and progressive technology to craft prestigious projects for tomorrow.


To carve a name that stands for trust and innovation, build affordable and quality homes through transparency in all our dealings, and become a respected Real-Estate Company that customers and investors can turn to.

Cornerstones of Success

The real estate market is marred with competition and a considerable amount of uncertainty due to forces well beyond anyone’s control.

In such a scenario, we follow certain procedures to ensure we are heading towards success.


A thorough analysis of various socio-economic factors goes into selecting the right location for our projects. Its connectivity, growth prospects, proximity to nerve centres of the city, convenience, and the presence of hospitals, schools and shopping centres to name a few, are factors that are given utmost importance.


All materials come directly from manufacturers and undergo an in-depth examination during procurement. The materials are tested for quality, durability and strength. Our Purchase and Quality Control Department have strict guidelines to follow before putting the product to use.

Timely Completion

At PRAD, we believe in setting benchmarks for ourselves with each passing project. By ensuring that the right materials are available at the right time, and by employing efficient construction practices, we ensure the timely completion of every project.


At PRAD, we’ve incorporated complete transparency in all our dealings. By adhering to the norms and regulations, educating customers before they make a purchase and providing any information as and when required, we’ve endeavoured to build our customer's faith in the company.

The Team

PRAD is headed by individuals who have worked with leading companies and undertaken civil work for government and private projects.

The know-how in the field and the cumulated efforts of our astute Project Engineers, Sales Executives and Management, ensures highest customer satisfaction.

We have joined hands with renowned architects, consultants and legal advisors who add substantial value and help in the pursuit of our vision by lending their expertise.

Mr. Karan Porwal

A visionary with bright ideas and a resolute belief in the company, he also brings on board his international work experience. After completing his Masters in International Business from the University of Leeds, he worked in the real estate, hospitality and F&B sectors in the UK.

Mr. Kunal Porwal

An astute mind who is always working to help take the company forward, Mr. Kunal Porwal is one of the driving forces of the company. After completing his degree in Civil Engineering, he worked with leading construction companies in the private as well as public sector.

His hands-on approach motivates the entire team to give their best, while his knowledge and expertise act like catalysts that boost the company’s endeavours. He provides the team direction and ensures the company is working towards fulfilling its vision.



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